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Your Ultimate Destination for iPhones and Android Phones in Sacramento, Vacaville, and Gresham

In the evolving world of smartphones, finding the perfect device tailored to your needs can sometimes be a challenge. But if you're in Sacramento, Vacaville, or Gresham, we've got you covered. Welcome to our newly launched e-commerce platform, a treasure trove stocked with the latest and greatest, from the iPhone 6 to the newer released iPhone 14.


Our iPhone Collection:


Whether you're a fan of the classic iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 models or seeking the latest innovations from the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, to the iPhone 14, we house them all. Every iPhone in our collection is a testament to our commitment to offering the best in technology and quality.


Diverse Range of Android Phones:


But we're not just about iPhones. Our e-commerce platform boasts a wide variety of Android phones. Whether you're into photography, gaming, or everyday use, our Android collection has something for everyone.


Why Choose Us?


1. Comprehensive Selection: From the nostalgic charm of the iPhone 6 to the modern prowess of the iPhone 14 and a diverse array of Android phones, we ensure you're spoilt for choice.


2. Quality Assurance: Every device we sell, be it an iPhone or an Android phone, comes with a 6-month warranty, so you can purchase with confidence.


3. Trusted by Many: Having served the community since 2009, our reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction has only grown stronger with time.


4. Local Advantage: Dive into our online catalog, select your dream device, and pick it up at our convenient retail facilities in Sacramento, CA; Vacaville, CA; or Gresham, OR.


A Legacy of Trust and Quality


With a journey that started in 2009, our dedication to offering the best devices with top-notch service remains unchanged. We invite you to explore our range, benefit from our 6-month warranty, and experience smartphone shopping like never before.


Click the link below to explore our collection or call us at (800) 619-6924 to speak to a iParts team member today!


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