About Us

The Genesis of a Tech Haven

Our narrative began with a simple yet profound objective:

Alika's quest for an iPhone.

This Endeavor set the stage for an enterprising venture. Rooted in the classic hustle of selling candy to classmates. After securing his coveted gadget through his own earnings, Alika faced a twist - his new iPhone ceased to function mere hours after its arrival.

The Challenge Turns Opportunity

Alika's innate curiosity and his family's background in electronics led him to dissect and delve into the iPhone's inner workings. His resolve to fix his device evolved into a business proposition when he successfully resurrected several iPhones from their electronic graveyards. The concept for iParts was thus conceived, transitioning from a solo pursuit to a family enterprise.

Embarking on the iParts Odyssey

Alika, alongside his father in 2008, launched iPhoneReplacementParts.com, catapulting their service to an international clientele. Their home quickly transformed into a bustling hub of repair activity, eventually necessitating a move to a dedicated retail space in Citrus Heights under the moniker “iParts and Phone Repairs.” Here, Alika's venture flourished, earning a reputation as the place where broken devices were given new life, one iPhone at a time.

Our Expansion and Dedication to Recovery

Today, iParts boasts three locations, with shops in Vacaville and Folsom, California, as well as Gresham, Oregon, the latter being a partnership with a long-time friend, Kyle Anderson. Each location is a testament to our growth and commitment to advanced repair services. Recognizing that our customers' devices are treasure troves of personal data, we've honed our skills in intricate repairs and data recovery, offering a lifeline for unsaved memories and essential information.

To the Future and Beyond

From our humble beginnings to becoming a beacon for those in need of technical assistance, iParts stands as a paragon of innovation and customer service. We continue to expand our expertise, ensuring that no matter the device, we can provide a solution. Alika, together with his dedicated team, looks forward to a future that promises to be as exciting as the technology we repair and sell. Indeed, with such a bright horizon ahead, sunglasses are not just an accessory, but a necessity.

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